Smoothie Day 2: Whoah Avocado

This is going to be short, sweet and to the point but you are going to want to make this!

We made a smoothie with avocado in it this morning and the kiddo loved it!  He couldn’t taste the Greek yogurt, avocado and spinach. Here is the recipe and let me tell you it was GOOD!!

Day 2


The kiddo took the phone and did his own review this morning! ❤️ this kid and that he is so into doing this with me!

Smoothie Day 1

Monday mornings are notoriously hard for me to get up on time. I always end up sleeping in and even more so since I have been taking night time medicine to help keep the nasty cold germs from the hubby away!  

This morning was no different but I did drag myself out of bed to do PiYo. I’m proud of that!  20 minutes of PiYo Lower and I felt amazing!  This one quick workout stretches me in all the right places so much that I felt like I had done an hour worth of yoga!    

The tween and I had our Day 1 smoothies yesterday morning and I can say that it was a HIT with both of us!  I didn’t tell him that I put spinach in them until he was claiming how good it was and half way done. He was surprised!    

Here’s the mixture with spinach, 4 clementines (I didn’t have an orange) and the 1/2 cup water. I mixed that up until there were no chunks visible. 

Then I added the frozen berries and banana and it turned a nice purple color!  

I was actually surprised how much we both liked it!  I was going to wait to do a review video when I was all put together for work but let’s face it, if I waited the video wouldn’t have happened!  This is real life here on this blog not about smoke and staged mirrors. I don’t have the patience or the desire to do that. I want to be real. Here’s the review from me and my kiddo (who was playing cool dude)  

Now we are trying one today with Greek yogurt and 1/2 an avocado!  Hopefully the reviews from both of us will be just as good!  

Here’s the recipe we followed:


Smoothie Challenge ~ Tween Approved

Every Sunday I like to have some family time that includes no electronics, no friends, JUST family.  I gave the hubby a pass today since he is still getting over his nasty cold so the kiddo, who is actually a tween (makes me sad to think he is that old!!), and I decided to build a fire in our patio fire pit and “burn things” in true boy fashion.


It was quite nice sitting out back, no distractions, no where to be and just focusing on us.  It was a good form of entertainment and something we will definitely be doing more often!

We sat around the fire for 2 and a half hours just talking, roasting marshmallows and him running off into the yard finding things to burn.  When I say talking it wasn’t that fake talking kids his age tend to try to do.  We did some actual talking and it’s times like these that I am thankful that my son and I are so close.  I was a single mother pretty much from the time he was born up until I remarried 2 years ago.  I’m not going to go into a lot of details about that here; we definitely have a very close bond / relationship that I am thankful for everyday.  He told me about some girls in his class, he asked me about some “changes” he had heard about / experienced …. honest talking that only happens with no distractions.  During these conversations he mentioned that he wanted to try smoothies this week for breakfast.  I couldn’t help it but I got so excited when I heard that!  I must have looked like “that mom” when I looked at him because he kind of rolled his eyes but he did agree to make it into a challenge!!

So, ladies and gentlemen!  Fit In Fitness is going to hold its first 5 day Tween Approved Smoothie Challenge this week!  Be ready for some recipes, pictures, honest reviews and maybe a video or two of the kiddo (maybe I should start calling him the tweeno instead??) and I during this challenge!



Thankful for my nuts….

I always giggle like a little girl when I say the word nuts; I absolutely had to throw in a little play on words in the post title!

Now that that is out of the way I have to say I am still thankful for my nuts that I had in my purse. I was in a hurry in the work cafeteria this morning. I had a call at 9 and I was STARVING so I had the bright idea to try to squeeze in microwaving my veggies and eggs before the call so I could nibble here and there while listening.

Well wouldn’t you know I spilled absolutely every single spec of food out of my breakfast container this morning onto the floor. I almost cried out of hanger (hunger + anger = hanger) until I remembered that I have a little container of nuts and dried cranberries in my purse! I put it there on Sunday in anticipation of me being a dork at some point in the week so I wouldn’t have to rely on the vending machine. I was setting myself up for success with this little cup of unsalted / dry roasted peanuts, raw almonds and dried cranberries!

my  nuts

It got me thinking of what other combinations would keep well for an occasion like this. Two options came immediately to mind:  walnuts, sunflower seeds and dried bananas and almonds, dried apples and homemade granola.

What are some of your favorite / go to healthy snacks to stash for emergencies?




Quick Meal Prep – Lunches

People think quick meal prep is like a unicorn with a rainbow tail. A pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Fictitious. Oxymoron. Something that just doesn’t exist. 

Well, it does exist. Not only does it exist I did a quick meal prep. 

Saturday I made my lunches for the week in 25 minutes. 25 minutes for 5 lunches that are healthy, delicious and pretty!    

Steak sliced in strips, butternut squash, broccoli and diced onion with coconut oil, garlic powder, black pepper and coconut aminos for a little flavor. I made 2 batches of this and it was amazingly simple. I did buy precut butternut squash and broccoli because it was actually cheaper than buying the full vegetable and prepping myself.  

I put the oven on broil, sliced the steak, diced the onion in my chopper, melted the coconut oil and spread the oil on the trays. I placed one portion of the steak on the oiled tray. I filled half the second tray with veggies, topped with onion, black pepper, garlic and shook a little coconut aminos on all of it. I broiled it for 10 minutes and it was perfect. I quickly repeated the process and BAM 5 lunches done.

I even had some left over for lunch today! 


Training Plan Adjustments

I’m going to be completely honest and say I have slacked this week on my training plan. It isn’t out of lack of wanting to train, in fact I have been dying to train, I just can’t seem to get my back to not be tight / spasm after my workouts.

My current training plan looks like this:

I was planning on doing 21 Day Fix as my strength training but I was kindly reminded by my husband how my knees hurt while doing the program and given the biking and running needed it would probably be best if I waited to do another round. I reluctantly agreed and was super thankful I have an amazing husband!  That is when I decided on Body Beast as the strength component of my triathlon training program. I was in the middle of doing Hammer and Chisel when I created the program and I was really digging all the lifting and made me miss Beast so I hopped right in and started it.

I started to feel tightness in my back during the middle to end of completing Hammer and Chisel. I thought it was due to the jumping in some of the workouts so I figured I would give it at least 5 workouts of Beast before deciding to keep it or change to a different strength program.

Unfortunately, I have to make the switch and drop Beast. My body desperately needs the stretching workout that yoga / Pilates provides. I also think that my quads, chest and abs became significantly stronger during Hammer and Chisel, enough to create a muscular imbalance to pull me out of alignment. Now, I’m going to work on my hamstrings, glutes and back to even things out a bit.

To counter this effect I am going to do PiYo and only swim for the rest of the week and see where it gets me. If I feel better then it will be my go to program. If it doesn’t then I will go to the doctor to rule out injury.

Here’s to a pain free back by Sunday!!

Meal Prep Monday

These 12 meals took me about 30 minutes to assemble this morning. We had some family time last night and I didn’t want to sacrifice that for meal prep! I did spend about 5 minutes looking for my other 3 containers to only find out that my kiddo had grown them out by mistake because he thought they were disposable. Oh well!  At least he had healthy meals at school! 

Ok, now to get to the point of this post: How I did this in 30 minutes. 

I cooked chicken in the crockpot over night and I let it cool for about an hour before I wanted to start packaging my food. I totally failed to get a picture of this because it was around this time that I realized I was short 3 containers and I went looking for them. I filled the two containers on the right without first two days of chicken and bulk packed the other chicken into a gallon zip lock bag. 

I spread out 5 containers for the breakfasts and just quickly went down the line with my blue 21 day fix container filling it with dried oatmeal, then 1 TBSP of frozen blueberries and chopped walnuts. Super quick. 
Then I spread out 5 more containers for my spinach salad:

I added paper towels to the bottom of the salads to help with moisture. I will remove them before assembling the salads of course. I then put two 21 Day Fix green containers of spinach in each container. 

Then I got out 5 snack size zip lock bags and added 1 TBSP of each:  chopped walnuts, dried cranberries and feta cheese.  

I put another paper towel on top of the spinach and added the baggies and closed up the containers. My little orange 21 day fix containers are missing now so I used the equivalent portion in the blue container for today. 

{our sock knome must be trying to eat healthier because a lot of my Tupperware is mismatched now. At least that is my theory!}

This was super easy and quick to do. It makes the rest of the mornings so much more manageable!  

I even took 10 minutes and prepped food for the kiddo!  He has hot lunch 3 times this week, he’ll have some of my chicken the other two days so this is just his snack food to go along with his main meals:

I keep all of his stuff in a bin in the fridge so it’s easy for him to know what to get. Pretzels, string cheese and cut up oranges. Not the healthiest but MUCH better than it could be!  

Here’s to a great week everyone!