Fitting In Fitness: finding ways

The last 6 months have been full of changes.  Three of the major changes were:

1.  I changed jobs in November and no longer had a gym to go to on my lunch break.

2.  I got married in February.

3.  My husband moved in (we opted to not live together before we were married).

Trying to get use to a new job, not have the comfort of my afternoon workout release, the stress of planning a wedding and blending a family together took a toll on my normal workout routine and I kind of lost touch with myself.

I decided that I needed to take advantage of whatever time I had available and use it for fitness.  I had about an hour in between getting off of work and when I had to pick up my son at daycare.  I use to take this time to look start cooking dinner but since I was trying to fit in fitness I decided to bring my workout clothes to work, change there and drive over to daycare and run in the neighborhood there for 30-45 minutes (depending on what after school activities we had going on for that night) before picking up my son.  I feel like a genius for making this small change!  The other parents, and teachers, love the idea as well!  My son thought it was cool that I was doing this and wanted to take it a step further.  He came up with the idea of walking home from daycare (which happens to be held in the school he goes to by our house).  Luckily, we live close enough that this is possible for him at 9 years old.  Now, I drive home, change and then run for 30-45 minutes and plan my route so I end my run at daycare and then my son and I walk home as my cool down and talk about his day.

Let me tell you that this small change has helped me feel like ME again.  Yes, there are days that I do not want to run and I am exhausted but I push myself to do it.  I do it because I know I will regret not working out and I will never say “I wish I hadn’t worked out”.  I physically feel relieved and refocused for family instead of thinking about what went on at work that day.  This small change is really an all over WIN for fitting in fitness with the added bonus of including my family.

The challenge now is dinner and getting back into the routine of meal planning and cooking in bulk for the week….I’m working on that and will post about that soon!

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