Meal Plan 6/8/14

I know I wrote out a grocery list yesterday with a particular plan in mind for the upcoming week. Due to family budget reasons I had to make changes to the plan and grocery list.

My meals for lunches are simple: lemon garlic chicken and chili lime chicken.

Meals for dinner are: lemon garlic chicken (I had am doubling up on lemon garlic chicken for one dinner this week.), chili lime steak, buffalo chicken lettuce wraps, pepper sautéed chicken and left overs one night, but if there aren’t any I have chicken drum sticks to grill up. Each night will have green beans or broccoli as our vegetable.

Here is what I ended up purchasing:

8 pounds homeless chicken breast
2 pounds chicken drum sticks
1 sirloin steak
1 cucumber
3 limes
4 lemons
1 bag romain lettuce with 3 hearts
1 family size container of cherry tomatoes
5 sweet potatoes
1 bag frozen green beans
1 watermelon

I normally do not start preparing lunches/dinners this late at night but life sometimes gets in the way and you have to figure out how to Fit It In! I started this around 7:45 at night!

First up is the chicken for lunch. I cooked this in the crockpot using my favorite method: tin foil balls and foil cooking pockets. I balled up 5 pieces of foil and put them on the bottom of the crockpot.


I then took a sheet of heavy duty tin foil and out two chicken breasts on it. I sprinkled the chicken with pepper, garlic and lemon and closed up the packet. It looked like this :



I closed it up and moved onto the chili lime chicken in a foil packet. I put down a piece of heavy foil, two chicken breasts, some pepper, chili powder, crushed red pepper and squeezed limes on it. It looked like this before I closed up the foil packet:


I places the packets on top of the foil balls and cooked them on high for 3 hours and 30 minutes.


The next step was getting the chicken for the buffalo chicken wraps in my other crock pot. I cut up 1 stalk of celery (already had on hand), 3/4 of an onion (once again had on hand), 3 chicken breasts, 1/2 cup of hot sauce and 1 1/2 cups water. I put all the ingredients in the crockpot on high for 3 hours 30 minutes.


I moved on to making lemon garlic chicken for a week night dinner. I followed the same “recipe” that I did for the foil packets, except I baked it in the toaster oven (I don’t have a regular oven). I warmed the oven up to 350 degrees and started to get the ingredient together. I placed 3 pieces of chicken in a Pyrex dish, squeezed 2 lemons over it, ground some pepper and put some minced garlic on it. I put the dish in the oven until the chicken was cooked all the way through.




I then moved onto the chili lime steak. I pulled out a gallon ziplock bag, out the steak in the bag, sliced up 2 limes, sprinkled some cayenne pepper and crushed red pepper flakes over it. I sealed up the bag and will let it marinate until Tuesday, when we go to grill it up!




I moved back to lunches and focused on the sweet potatoes. I washed the 5 that I purchased, sliced them and put 3 of them on a paper plate and the other 2 on another plate and put the first set in the microwave, hit the potato button for the number that I had, 3, and moved on to my snacks.


I got 5 small, round containers and grabbed the cherry tomatoes, cucumber, sunflower seeds and balsamic vinegar. I cut up 1/2 of the cherry tomatoes, 3/4 of the cucumber and then divided them into the containers. I then sprinkled sunflower seeds and balsamic vinegar into the containers.



Next was my salads. I used 1 1/2 romain hearts, chopped them up, washed them in the salad spinner and then put them into 3 containers.


I then chopped up a lemon into quarters since I use lemons as salad dressing and put them into baggies to protect the salad.


I popped the last set of sweet potatoes into the microwave and then moved onto cutting up the watermelon for the family.


Once I was done with the watermelon I pulled out 5, square, medium sized containers. The sweet potatoes were done by now so I divided them up between the containers and pulled out a 1/2 used bag of frozen broccoli and a new bag of frozen green beans and poured them into the 5 containers to get them ready for when the chicken packets are done.


Since all that was left to do was wait, I then made a weeks worth of sandwiches for my son (the hubs likes to make his own). He loves bread, turkey, spicy brown mustard and pepper jack cheese.


This point in time I am still waiting for the crock pots to be done so I checked on my son to make sure he was still on track with his bed time routine and started to do the dishes. Once he was done, I read to him for a few minutes (he’s 9 1/2 and I take all the snuggle/reading time I can get) and then went back to the kitchen to finish cleaning. Around 10:45pm the crock pot beeped and the chicken was done!! Finally! I cut up the largest chicken breast into half and then divided up all 5 pieces of chicken into each container. Sealed them up and put 2 in the fridge and 3 in the freezer.


I put the lemon garlic chicken from the toaster oven into the fridge and shredded up the buffalo chicken and let it summer a little longer while I cleaned up a bit more. Once that was done I put the buffalo chicken into a container and then put it into the freezer.


Once this step was done I WAS DONE!! It took me 3 hours 45 minutes to get my 5 lunches, 10 snacks, 3 family dinners and 5 sandwiches for my son made. I think that is pretty darn good!!

I am typically faster if I do it during the afternoon while my son is out playing but you gotta work with what life has thrown you for that day! If you have any questions please let me know! I am writing this late since I had a goal of getting this post done TODAY!! I fit it in…did you?

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