It’s OK To Suck

I was listening to a Jillian Michaels pod cast and she said something that really resonated with me. First, let me tell you all that I am a perfectionist, type A, planner type person. I love excel and how it organizes whatever I need and I have spreadsheets for almost everything in my life! Grocery list, meal plans, budget, vacation packing lists…you get the idea. What she said was such a simple sentence but hearing it said out loud, and from her mouth, honestly made me take a moment. I’m paraphrasing what she said in the conversation on the pod cast but she said that it is ok to suck at something and to enjoy the process of getting better at it.

Sucking at something and enjoying the process of improvement has never really been an option I have ever thought about. I always had the perspective that if you aren’t good at something you fix it, perfect it and move on to the next thing. A very robotic, emotionless approach which hasn’t allowed for other avenues of learning during the process.

This simple thought has made me take an honest step back and think about what I can do to change the way I approach certain obstacles in my life. It has made me think about how I should slow down and enjoy practicing what I am working on at the time. Slow down with learning how to meal plan better and not get frustrated, slow down when training for a race instead of wishing the training days would go by faster, just slow down and savor the experience of where I am now and what I am doing. The only thing I don’t want to slow down and enjoy the experience with is getting better! I am tired of being sick! I hope to be back at it on Monday morning!!

Is there anything that you think you should slow down on and enjoy the process?


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