Training, training, training!!!

Tri training has been in full gear since the end of May start of June! I have been loving my swims, runs but not so much the bikes. Biking is my worst discipline, the one I enjoy the least and unfortunately the one discipline that is a large percentage of the race.

I decided this year I was going to get back into racing and that it was going to be THE year that I do my first Olympic distance race. I have have done 2 other sprints, my first tri ever in 2010, my second one in 2011, then a few tough mudders, half marathons and a year off thrown in between. I don’t know what possessed me to think that I could easily complete this race but I happily signed up for an Olympic (OLY) distance tri in October. I didn’t even look at cut off times before signing up. I just clicked register, entered my payment information, signed my life away with the waivers and added it to my google calendar. *doh!!* Luckily, I have two sprint tri’s before my OLY, one in August and the other in September, to prep me for this undertaking.

I am a strong swimmer and strong runner so I am not worried about that part of the race. I am worried about the bike portion. I suck at biking. SUCK. I am honestly worried that I will not make the cut off time. The OLY has a 1,500m swim, 25.5 mi bike and 10k run. I have 2 hours 50 min to finish the swim and bike. That’s it. I did a 18 mile, flat ride, on my hybrid, on one of my favorite trails and I completed that in 1:25:38.

I’m possibly in trouble people! I don’t want to be pulled from the course, I paid a lot of money to do this race, I want to complete it!

With the plan of not being pulled from the course for being too damn slow, I decided to formulate a plan of attack to get better. I joined a local tri group, went to a beginners bike maintenance class (since I didn’t even know bikes needed greasing until recently!!), and started taking spin classes. I am also working on my swimming to help improve that time to create a little more room for the bike portion. I’m adding more speed drills into my workouts instead of focusing on just the distance. I’m also adding in total body toning to help build up my muscle strength.

I have an open water swim and 14 mile bike planned tonight with the tri group! I’m excited to get out there and work it with like minded people! Pictures to come!

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