Operation No Olympic Fear!!

This is where I worked out last night with my tri club!


So pretty!! I seriously do not know why I haven’t been coming here more. It’s exactly 10 miles from my house and less than 10 miles from my office. The water was perfect and it was not crowded. I couldn’t have asked for better conditions!

This was the first time I had met up with this club. I know from how I talked about the group being “my tri club” makes it seem like I’ve been meeting up with them for a while but honestly, new social situations tend to make me nervous sometimes. I joined and paid my dues back in June and tried to make it to a couple of their workouts but either something came up or I chickened out. I don’t know why last night was different but I was DEAD set on going. Nothing was going to stop me from making this workout and I had a blast!

We started off with a short bike ride. The loop was 7 miles long and we could do it a second time but I am really bad with directions and the leader said them so fast that I just knew I had to stay with the pack. That wasn’t too big of a deal since they were all really nice!

Here are my stats from the ride:


All in all it wasn’t a bad ride. I felt good, and strong, on my road bike for the first time in a long time. Since it was a no drop ride there was some waiting for the slower people. I probably would have had a higher mph if i had remembered to stop my watch while we were waiting.

My swim is what I am most happy about! Here are the stats:

I felt great in the open water. It had been years, about 2, since I had last swam in the open water and it was just like riding a bike! I picked up right where I left off which surprised me for some reason. This was the first open water swim that I did with my Garmin 910XT and I love looking at the map and seeing how zig-zag I swam!

I am really loving this watch! I will hold out on professing my love for another post!

I think getting my fear of failing and not completing the Olympic distance race put me in the right killer mindset I needed going into this workout. I am going to finish this tri. I am going to get BETTER at biking. I will do this. I am now dubbing this effort as Operation No Olympic Fear! Stay tuned for other update posts because I plan on attending a lot of club workouts! In fact I have a swim, bike, run workout planned for tomorrow morning!! I’ll let you know how that goes.

Now, I’m just going to leave you with with the same picture I posted of my swimming spot because it’s just beautiful!


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