Practice, practice, practice

I did a swim, bike, run meet up on Saturday morning with the tri club and it was AWESOME! The only thing that threw me for a loop was how many people were there waiting to get in. I did not expect so many people to be there so early. The line was crazy long!!

I feel very accomplished after this workout. I had a goal to get under the 2 hour 50 minute swim bike cut off for my Olympic tri in October and I was under by 7 minutes!! Here are the details:

Swim – I have been working hard on my biking and trying total immersion swimming to help me conserve energy for the bike and all I can say is my hard work is paying off!

I have a separate post started on Total Immersion swimming but all I can say is WOW. WOW, where has this technique been all my life. I swam competitively all throughout my childhood and high school. I was a 50 free sprinter and 100 fly “specialist” and thought I was an excellent swimmer until now. I’ve only read a few highlights from the kindle e-book and watched a video or two but what I have learned from those has made a WORLD of difference. I swam a mile, in open water, and could have kept going. That is huge for me!


Bike – this is the leg of the race that I always dread. Always. I was determined to bike the 25.5 miles I would have to for the tri but I was only able to do 21 miles given my afternoon plans. I figured that would be enough and then I would add on the additional time for the extra 4.5 miles. I was huffing, puffing and a beast of the bike! I still didn’t average a fast pace but I feel good about what I accomplished and I know I will only get better from here!

Run – I cut this leg short. My hubby and I had plans out of state for the afternoon and I had to be home at a certain time. I was only able to get in 2.2 miles before I had to call it a day. Running is the easiest leg of the race for me so I know this is one I can work the least on and still be ok. I do plan on picking up my distance in my training next week. This week is a low volume, recovery week for me in training.

I have also been following whole30 for the month of July and I can not believe how much this lifestyle reset and change has helped me. I usually feel run down, exhausted and ache like I have the flu after I do a long, strenuous workout like this one but I felt amazing. I felt like I just did a quick workout and refreshed. It’s amazing what fueling your body with real food will do. I have 8 days left in this 30 day challenge and I think I am going to keep going until my Olympic tri in October.

All in all I am one happy triathlete! I am making friends, helping existing friends find the joy that is triathlon and learning more and more about myself every time I get out there!

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