DIY Bike Update

I took 3 days off of training after my SBR Saturday and I had planned on picking up my training again Wednesday night BUT life threw a curveball and I have a poor sick kid, strep throat, and I have a sinus infection. I think this week is going to be a total rest week because we obviously need it!!

Instead of posting about my training today, I’m gonna fill you in on a little bike upgrade I did that will hopefully make a BIG difference for me. I took the plunge and purchased clip less pedals and shoes!! I talked to a lot of people and they all said that this investment would give me the biggest bang for my buck. I purchased these shoes and pedals:


I wanted pedals that I could use with regular shoes if I had to and I also wanted to stay as close as I could to $100 since I had an amazon gift card for that amount. These shoes and pedals fit the bill!

I also took the risk of installing the pedals myself! This is huge for me since I am not very mechanically inclined but I heard that if you can assemble Ikea furniture you can install these. They weren’t lying. They were VERY easy to install after the hubs helped me loosen the bolts holding the old pedals on.

So far so good! I have sat on the bike clipping in and out. I have taken one quick ride on my rollers and that ended with a huge fall when my front tire slipped off my front roller. I’m hoping I’ll feel good enough tonight to try the rollers again!! I’m looking forward to actually getting on the road with these bad boys!

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