Clutch Fit Training Program

I want / need to get faster if I am going to complete a 70.3 next year with my goal of 4:30 completion time. Endurance is not an issue for me, speed is and since I have goal completion time for next year, I have come to the conclusion that I need to start adding resistance training to my program if I want to get faster. I didn’t want to create my own program since I tend to stick to my strengths and not focus on my weak points when I DIY so I took to the internet to search for a program with the following criteria:
1. 30 days or less (I have my big race, an Olympic triathlon, in October and I want to be done with training 2-3 weeks before the race )
2. Allow for cardio outside
3. Had total body toning that could be done at home

I found Ashley Conrad’s 21 Day Clutch Cut program. The lifting I can do at home with some modification. I’m going to use a sandbag for the clean and press, I have a kettle bell and do kettle bell swings instead of medicine ball slams, I am going to do modified pull ups (with a chair and my pull up bar that goes over the door jam). The cardio is intervals which will definitely help with my speed and I will easily be able to fit them into my current training program.

I start this week and I am looking forward to it!!

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