Weekend Roundup

I definitely accomplished a lot this weekend!

Friday I did sprint interval training. I wanted to do them on the bike and running but my bike fell and the handle bars are now off center. I ended up just doing the run sprints and I was not in the mood to run at all. I sucked it up though and pushed through it.


Saturday I took my hybrid bike to my favorite trail and accomplished 20 miles!

This trail is so pretty and I always see new things every time I go.

Someone is lucky enough to have this view in their back yard!

I was expecting the trail to be more crowded since it was a holiday weekend but it wasn’t!

Sunday I met up with my trail running group and hit the trail at a local state park. I didn’t have my phone with me but it was a great 10k run!
Monday was suppose to be yoga but I realized that my son’s schedule on Tuesday wouldn’t allow for a workout so I ran again on Monday and used Tuesday as my rest / active rest day. I went back to the trail, with my phone this time, and had another great, super sweaty run! There are a lot of small rivers and waterfalls at this park and they are beautiful!

It was so stinking hot and humid that there was a slight layer of fog in this one spot. I tried to capture it here

And here is a picture of my favorite shirt!

Super sweaty as well!!
All in all it was a great weekend!

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