Saturday workout: Swim Bike run

 I went to Hammerman Beach today with the Baltimore Area Triathlon Club, aka: my tri club, for a mock tri today.  I was TIRED.  I didn’t want to get out of bed.  The hubs, son, dog and I were all snuggling in bed this morning but I RSVP’d yes that I was coming, and I have my Olympic tri coming up the first weekend of October, so I dragged my butt out of bed and went. 

This is what I woke up to this morning….how can you get out of bed with a face like that staring at you?!?


It took me a while to get my groove going with the swim.  I have been following the total immersion swimming technique and I was doing everything that I learned not to do.  I was kicking a lot, I had a high turn over with my stroke, I had a short stroke….it was bad in the beginning.  I got my grip and turned the swim around about 1/4 of the way into the 1/2 mile swim.  The water was not as calm as it had been in my past trips there so it was difficult for me to swim straight and sight with the choppy water.  I tend to do an alligator peek with sighting but today I had to fully lift my self up to be able to see the buoy. I hope to go to the beach after work each day this week to keep working on my swim.  Here is the Garmin data from the swim:

IMG_2242[1]  IMG_2243

I almost was not able to do the bike portion because I left my helmet at home.  Luckily, the event coordinator was nice enough to let me borrow her helmet for the ride!  I only did the 7 mile loop since I had to be home at a specific time this afternoon for the hubs.  I could have done better but honestly, I didn’t do too bad considering the bike portion is my worst discipline. 


I felt good and strong on the run in the beginning but then the wall hit me.  I didn’t eat anything this morning and only had a cup of coffee to drink so I wasn’t really setting myself up for a great race.  I did start off the run portion at a faster than normal pace for me, 9:15, but gained control over my breathing and pace to get into my groove. 


My “official” time from the coordinators was 1:16:54.  It was fun to do something different like this with a small group!  I’m sad for the tri season to end in a few weeks but I am excited to work on my strength training for the upcoming 2015 season!  2015 is going to be awesome!!



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