Day 2 workout- Ashley Conrad’s 21 day workout

Monday was suppose to be day 2 BUT my allergies had another idea. I had to take an allergy pill and that knocked me out. Like, seriously out. I got home from work, changed and got on the floor to loosen my back up and fell asleep. Luckily, I woke up in time to still make it to daycare to pick up the kiddo!

Since I took yesterday off today became cardio day! I got up at o’dark 30 and hit the pavement for the intervals, then 15 min run at above 5k pace to get back home and ab work. I was only able to get in 2 rounds of ab work this morning. The dog thought I was on the floor to play with him, the kiddo woke up early and was in the living room with me and the hubby had not left for work yet and we were talking about the day before he left for work all while I was trying to finish this workout. I was lucky I got the 2 rounds in that I did! I didn’t do them to failure because I am trying to ease my way into this program. I don’t normally focus on abs, and I want to not be in pain, so I set a goal of 15 for each exercise. I do plan on completing all 4 rounds, at once, tonight after the kiddo’s soccer practice and back to school night.

Normally I run for 45 minutes, at a fast pace, while my son is at enrichment tutoring, but we didn’t go last night. Tonight he has soccer, and I am the assistant coach, so I’m sure I’ll get some running in tonight and smell all nice and pretty to jet over to Back To School night for his class! The other parents and teacher are going to love me 😉

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