Day 4 workout- Ashley Conrad’s 21 day workout

Man! Tonight was tough. I was wiped. I was HUNGRY, almost on the brink of hangry. I was annoyed by the dog who kept trying to jump on me, and over me, while I was working out. Just not my night BUT I started AND finished the workout.

There were breaks in some of the exercises to make room for this guy:

He loves looking out the window and running between that window and the front door (because the scenery changes when you move 6 inches to the right lol!). The breaks were welcomed though because the 6 set took freaking forever! I tried to do the assisted pull-ups but the dog kept knocking the chair out from my foot so he could get to the back door and check things out. Here’s what I accomplished on day 4:

My cardio was walking the dog that morning for 2 miles and 1 miles for our afternoon walk.

The dog was so worn out with all the activity of going between windows and doors while I was working out that he totally conked out after I was done and eating dinner:

It’s hard work being that cute and keeping a watch over your domain!

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