Day 5 workout- Ashley Conrad’s 21 day workout

Today is day 5 and it is also 9/11. In honor of this day I am going to post my two favorite pictures from Facebook today:


I woke up this morning full of gratitude, love for my hubby and son, and ready to hit the pavement because I could.
I tried to do the sprints on the bike but the route I chose was not conducive to sprints. The hills didn’t look THAT big but when you are halfway up the sucker, at a slow pace, and then have to quick pick it up is rather difficult to get up to pace for a short period of time. I am going to have to find another, flatter, route to use for my sprints. I ended up doing 37 minutes of hill repeats on the bike this am.


I forgot to switch my garmin from running to biking this morning so it’s not the most accurate data … Oh well!
I had planned on a 45 min cardio workout but my back was starting to feel weak so I cut it short I still had 4 sets of an work to do!

I almost made the 4 sets but the pesky thing called work and being on time got in the way!
If the weather holds out I will head out to do run intervals as well tonight. It might be a good running night!


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