Bike Trainer

I searched and searched for the right bike trainer for like 6 months. Sooooo many choices and I never thought that it would be so hard to find the right one. Wind, magnetic, computerized… seems simple in the beginning but when I started diving into it and reading the reviews it quickly became overwhelming. Once I got that feeling I made a list of what I HAD to have. I had to have: under $100, it had to be quiet and it had to be easy to figure out. After much deliberation I decided on this guy:71B+PtZ4jlL._SL1500_

It is fantastic!  It was incredibly easy to put together.  I had it up and ready in 15 minutes. It is very quiet, although it must put off a high pitch sound dogs are sensitive too because it drives my dog nuts when I’m on it. (We are working on desensitzing him).

I can watch Netflix on the laptop while riding it and have no issues hearing it at all … Good thing too since they now have Friends available for streaming!!

I did end up ordering this block for my front wheel to make it more comfortable and it works well:

The set up has worked surprisingly well for me!  I head down to my glamorous pain cave….that statement is loaded with sarcasm… Turn on Friends on Netflix and pedal my heart out!

Here is my pain cave in all of it’s glory:


My beautiful laptop stand:



I do have my treadmill down in the basement finally. I hated having it right next to my bed. It still isn’t set up yet but will be soon and I can’t wait!!


I think I might put it next to the bike and move the mat and Ugi ball somewhere else. The basement is still a work in progress, as you can tell, but I’m excited to with where it is now and that I have a separate space just for my workouts. It really allows me to focus and feel more rejuvenated when I’m done.

Anyone else have a favorite space to work out in?

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