Shakeology Recipe of the Week

Shakeology is a staple in our house.  It is easy to fix and go in the mornings for breakfast, it keeps us energized and it keeps the sugar dragon at bay (which is a HUGE thing in my world).  The most important reason why we love Shakeology so much is that it also provides our family with our daily dose of nutrients that boosts our immune system during this nasty flu season this year!

As a mom I like to try new things with the family and new Shakeology recipes are always a fun way to mix things up.  Chocolate Mocha is my go to recipe in a pinch, I can throw that puppy together with my eyes closed, and since it’s our good ol stand by I figured we would try Chocolate Banana Nutter this week!


Really ripe bananas are best to use with this recipe. They provide a yummy flavor that tastes so good with the peanut butter. You can add ice to taste with this recipe but I didn’t add any this morning because it’s really cold out! If you don’t add ice make sure you use cold water.


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