Only me….

Things like this only happen to me. Yesterday was day 1 of 21 Day Fix. It snowed 4-5 inches Monday night here in Maryland so schools were closed today.

The problem began when I decided to surprise my son with an impromptu sledding outing at a local elementary school. I snuck the sleds and snow clothes into the car and told him I had a surprise for him. When we got to the school the hills and snow were perfect! He put two and two together when I told him to look in the trunk of the car and he got SO EXCITED.

The fun ended after about 20 minutes of sledding when I got the bright idea to take the snow saucer down a double hill and collide full speed with a tree. I got turned around on the saucer to where my back was facing where I was going and WHAM, right into a tree. My hat was knocked off, I got the wind knocked out of me and for a minute I really didn’t think that actually happened. I got up, collected my stuff and kept on going. I felt a little sore but not that bad.

Then I thought that if I did a light workout, to keep my muscles moving and not tighten that it would be better for me. Yesterday was day 1 of the 21 day fix so I modified and did what I could. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

The pain came a couple hours later and I ended up going to the doctors. I got some x-Rays and a urine analysis and the diagnosis is I don’t have anything broken just some blood in my urine from muscle tears. I have to take it easy for a bit and ice my back. I did get some meds for the pain and a good laugh with the doctor and staff about what happened.

I’m hoping to be back on the saddle, bike saddle, on Saturday and then back to the 21 Day Fix workouts on Monday, 2/23/15! Until the. I will still be following the 21 Day Fix diet. It is so easy to follow that it would create more work for me to make my normal meals!

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