Lent Goal

I’m a little late in choosing something to give up for lent. I kept going to the normal stuff: TV, dessert, alcohol, social media, candy, coffee…and while those a great things to give up, I wasn’t satisfied that this would truly change me for the long term.
HIS ultimate sacrifice for us changed the world for good and I want to help others during lent this year and hopefully have a long term affect on someone.
My goal for lent is to provide motivation and inspiration over these 40 days. I want to help make a change in people, even if it is just one person.

I am running 3 groups for the month of March:
6 Day Shakeology group
7 Day clean eating crock pot group
30 Day accountability group.

I will post more details about the groups next week. The only group that is beach body related is the Shakeology group. This product has made noticeable changes in me in a month that I really want to share the awesomeness!

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