21 Day Fix: Day 2 and Fix approved Chili

Day 2 Upper Body Fix and my arms were toast after last nights swim session. I pulled on my big girl panties and muscled through it!  It was hard though. I’m going to look at my training program and see what I can switch around to accommodate the 21 Day Fix schedule for the next few weeks.  

My weight did go down but as we all know weight can fluctuate day to day. I’m going to take updated measurements at the end of the week to track progress. 

I made chili that is 21 Day Fix approved but my portion was probably NOT 21 Day Fix approved!!  I was starving!  

I will have to update this post when I have a picture of the final product but my phone storage is full and I have to sync my phone with my Mac to get the pictures off. #firstworldproblems!  

Here’s the link!  I doubled the recipe and didn’t use chili beans since all the ones I found came in a sauce. It is bland so next time I make it I’ll probably add a jalapeño to it for some spice and kick!  


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