SavageMan Decision 

This year due to budget reasons I am limited in the number of races I can do. I have been going back and forth on what race I should do this year and SavageMan has always been on my mind since it is not too far away and it is a very challenging race. 

I have done half marathons before and those, over time, have become quite easy for me to train and complete. I’ve done sprint tri’s and those also have become less of a challenge for me. I was nervous about jumping from sprints to an ALMOST half iron distance because of the training involved. Trying to balance that with work and family was too much of a challenge for me to do so I had resolved to do the 30 miler but never pulled the plug and signed up. 

Cut to yesterday when I was on Facebook. I was reading through a women’s only Triathlon Facebook group I belong to, Ironwilled: Women Who Tri, and saw a post about a charity called Medals of Honor. This is the first time I have heard of this organization and what an amazing cause. I urge you read through their website and blog. What they are doing for the families of fallen soldiers is so touching and such a great way to keep the memory and sacrifice their loved ones made alive. 

You will find the motivation you have been lacking when reading through their site and blog.  It will make you push the checkout button for a race you have been on the fence about. It will make you want to choose the longer distance, harder course, badass race because you have the luxury to do this that the people you will be racing in honor of don’t.

I was on the fence for a long time for my race: SavageMan. I wanted to do the 70 mile race but was feeling resolved that I will have to do the 30 mile race because I suck at biking and it would be easier to fit in the training for the 30 than for the 70. Well….I’m pushed checkout on the badass 70 mile SavageMan race and I am signing up to race in honor of a fallen solider.

If you need a little motivation on making your race schedule, or even signing up for one click the link. That is all it will take.

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