Training Plan

I’m not sure if there is something called click remorse but if there is I think I have it. 

I know I will finish the race but all the people that I talk to are like “good luck with THAT race” or “Is it too late for you to change to the shorter race?!?” .  These are not things that I want to hear right now PEOPLE!!! 

Ok…I feel a little bit better getting that out in the open!  Now on to training plans. 

I have 29 weeks until SavageMan. Here is what I am thinking:  find a 12 week bike only training plan and then jump to the “main training” plan for 16 weeks. 

Things I am considering, and you might want to as well, while looking at “main training” plans:  a plan that will make me work on my weakness (bike focused plan), incorporates strength training, active rest days, manageable weekly hours (7-12 at max), cost and how customizable it is. 

One plan that several of my Tri friends have had luck with for half Ironman distances is Super Simple Triathlon Training Plan. 

Pros:  It’s free, and who doesn’t like free!  The weekly hours are manageable. 

Cons:  It isn’t bike focused. It doesn’t incorporate strength training (I know I could easily add that in my own though). 

Super Simple Triathlon Training Plan

Trusty Google also found a bike focused training plan for me on Training Peaks: 16 Week Triathlon Base Program–Bike Focused

Pros:  It is Bike Focused. It requires 7-14 hours per week and has longer training days on the weekends. 

Cons:  It’s $49.95, plus the cost of upgrading, and it is not on the popular list on Training Peaks website. I don’t want to shell out money on a program that might suck. I’m also not sure how customizable it is. 

Then there is the option of a Coach. I did some searching online and man-o-man are they expensive!  I found the following options: 

Meredith Atwood (aka: Swim Bike Mom) offers coaching packages that have personalized plans that give you A LOT for the money. There are two options mentioned and while both are above my budget, they might be in yours!  Click on the link to see ALL the options they have available. 

Coach Up 

This is an interesting option for me. They located two triathlon coaches close to my area that would suite my needs after filling out a quick questionnaire. I contacted one of the coaches in regards to my quest and his rates were reasonable per hour but would add up over time. Hopefully, I can book one or two appointments for pointers on form and how to not suck on the bike while using my current equipment. 

I’ve sent requests to both Swim Bike Mom and Coach Up and I will report back the findings and what I ultimately choose for my “main training” plan. 

I know there are numerous options out there…those are just the plans that popped out to me!  

I’ll tackle bike only training plans in my next post!  

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