21 Day Fix:  Measurements

Happy Friday all!!!  I am so excited that I have to share this NOW! 

Today, 2/27/15, is day 5 of following 21 Day Fix portion control and workouts. Last week I followed the portion control closely but not to a T due to my back injury. WELL…yesterday I put in my jeans that were, past tense here, getting tighter and tighter only to have them fit looser!!  For once I did not feel like a stuffed sausage in my jeans!  Because of that feeling I figured I would retake my measurements to see the progress and my waist and hips when down!  WOOT!!  WOOT!!  

Here are the measurements in all of their glory:

I can’t wait to share my before and after pictures!!  I am determined to get the most from this program!!

I have Day 4 from yesterday and the SUPER YUMMY meatloaf recipe that was also a HIT with the family!  I’ll post that in another post this afternoon. 

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