I’m back with MY game changer

I am back from work hell and ready to get back to “normal”.  The last few weeks at work totally kicked my butt and I had all I could do to keep up with my workouts, life and remain on my game at work.

Program update: I have had amazing results from the 21 Day Fix that I am blown away!  I have a progress pic: Day 1 and Day 17 to share with you and I am a total believer in this workout program.  (Next time I will remember to smile 😉 )

I will be at day 21 tomorrow and I will admit that I slacked off a little due to work so I am extending the program one extra week to make up for it.  Crap happens, life happens, you just have to do the best that you can do!

Onto the game changer: SHAKEOLOGY. This “shake” kept me from pigging out on the candy, cookies and total crap at the office. It slays the sugar dragon like no other product out there. It helped me skip the mid afternoon slump that most people get. 

It’s also HEALTHY for you. It has 70 super foods in it and it breaks down to $4 a shake. That’s the cost, if not cheaper, of a Starbucks run. It’s less than my favorite meals at Chick-Fil-A or Subway and MUCH healthier. I have noticed, and other people have noticed, a difference in my hair and my skin and asking me what I am taking, doing different.  I just say “It’s Shakeology!”.

Since so many people have expressed interest in it I am running a 7 Day Shakeology trial group!  If you have ever been slightly interested in this product this is your chance to try it. It will be money well spent, trust me!  You’ll get 6 Shakeology packets, Shakeology recipe ideas, a meal plan emailed to you, an accountability group where you can ask all your questions / stay on track and the support of not just one coach, ME!!, but TWO coaches!  My sister and I are teaming up to be game changers together!

7 Day Shakeo Challenge

If you are interested, click on this link:

 http://teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/ShkSuperSmpl?referringRepId=shanford22114 .

In the mean time, I’m busy creating a hybrid training schedule.  I’m incorporating Insanity with my bike training program to help me get ready for SavageMan 70!

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  1. madisongm says:

    You look so great!

    1. Thanks! The program was really awesome! I’m doing another round after my next accountability group ends. We are utilizing two programs on Beachbody on demand: Insanity and Brazil Butt Lift in a hybrid program I developed. It should be FUN!!!

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