Day 1: 21 Day Fix ROUND 2!

Day 1 Was actually Monday but I didn’t post it here. Never the less here is the Recap: I. Kicked. Butt.  

I didn’t stray from my planned meals. I didn’t cheat and grab a sugar fix when my energy was down because “I work hard and deserve it”. There were no excuses yesterday! Here’s what my day was like food wise so you can see that you are EATING on this program!
❤️ chocolate shakeology with water

💜blueberries & strawberries 

💛 oatmeal


❤️ 2 hard boiled eggs


💚💚baby spinach & kale

❤️ grilled chicken

 🍊balsamic vinaigrette 


💙12 Raw Almonds


❤️ grilled chicken 

💚green beans



The color hearts help me keep track of how many containers I have consumed so far so I can tell at a quick glance…plus they are pretty!

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