Day 2: 21 Day Fix ROUND 2!

Check out my arm definition in the bottom right video while doing push-ups!     

Dinner tonight:  


Day 2 Recap….keeping it honest on this round 2 journey. I was hungry and I ate all my food plus 1 extra red container. No biggie because my portions were still in line with the plan. This hunger is normal for me around this time. It only lasts a day so I won’t be adding extra containers everyday. 

I did have to make a quick decision and go off the plan during the day but it wasn’t the end of the world. I had a tickle in my throat that would not go away with drinking water so, with no cough drops in sight ANYWHERE, my only option was a jolly rancher. Good news: I didn’t die from this small deviation and the tickle went away 😉 Even better news: tomorrow is another day for me to make awesome and kick butt on DAY 3!!!!


❤️ chocolate Shakeology with water

💜 blueberries & strawberries 

💛 oatmeal


❤️ 2 hard boiled eggs


💚💚 baby spinach & kale

❤️ grilled chicken

🍊 balsamic vinaigrette 


💙 12 Raw Almonds


❤️ ❤️ grilled steak seasoned with pepper and onion

💚 green beans


💜 watermelon  

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