6 Day Shakeology Challenge:  Day 1

My team and I are running a 6 Day Shakeology Challenge and I am really looking forward to all these new, yummy shakeo recipes!  

I tend to get into a routine and rarely venture out and try something new  I know I am not the only one who falls into the same rut so we decided to challenge each other and try new recipes!!  The challenge is for 6 days we each had to try a new recipe that was quick to make and didn’t require ingredients that were: expensive, could only be used for the shake and not in day to day cooking and we had to include one total treat / indulgent shake that we could turn to when craving something AMAZING that is not part of our clean eating plan. 

Here I am Day 1 and I have to say YUM-O!!  I chose Strawberry Raspberry Lemonade shakeo for breakfast and all I can say is holy crap!  I might be a fan of strawberry Shakeology after all! It was quick, clean and took literally 2 minutes to make and 45 seconds of that was cleaning out my Vitamix. BOOM!  #noexcuses. 


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