Back To School Boot Camp: Day 3

Day 3:  P90X Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper Abs

I didn’t wake up and tackle my workout first thing in the AM like I wanted to.  However, as hard as it was I did get the work out in at night.  YAY me!!!

I did it almost all the way through with the band man was it tough! I probably had about 10 minutes left of the workout and the band totally snapped!  Thank goodness it didn’t hit me because that would have been embarrassing walking around with a huge red mark on my face.  Blessings counted!

I was unfortunately reminded about how much my core strength has gone down the tubes!  Ab ripper X had me making noises and grunts that I didn’t think I could make.  My husband actually asked me if I was ok at one point.  All I could muster was a half grunt / half talk “uughes”.  It will get better my friends!  It.  Will.  Get.  Better!


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