Thankful for my nuts….

I always giggle like a little girl when I say the word nuts; I absolutely had to throw in a little play on words in the post title!

Now that that is out of the way I have to say I am still thankful for my nuts that I had in my purse. I was in a hurry in the work cafeteria this morning. I had a call at 9 and I was STARVING so I had the bright idea to try to squeeze in microwaving my veggies and eggs before the call so I could nibble here and there while listening.

Well wouldn’t you know I spilled absolutely every single spec of food out of my breakfast container this morning onto the floor. I almost cried out of hanger (hunger + anger = hanger) until I remembered that I have a little container of nuts and dried cranberries in my purse! I put it there on Sunday in anticipation of me being a dork at some point in the week so I wouldn’t have to rely on the vending machine. I was setting myself up for success with this little cup of unsalted / dry roasted peanuts, raw almonds and dried cranberries!

my  nuts

It got me thinking of what other combinations would keep well for an occasion like this. Two options came immediately to mind:  walnuts, sunflower seeds and dried bananas and almonds, dried apples and homemade granola.

What are some of your favorite / go to healthy snacks to stash for emergencies?




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