Smoothie Challenge ~ Tween Approved

Every Sunday I like to have some family time that includes no electronics, no friends, JUST family.  I gave the hubby a pass today since he is still getting over his nasty cold so the kiddo, who is actually a tween (makes me sad to think he is that old!!), and I decided to build a fire in our patio fire pit and “burn things” in true boy fashion.


It was quite nice sitting out back, no distractions, no where to be and just focusing on us.  It was a good form of entertainment and something we will definitely be doing more often!

We sat around the fire for 2 and a half hours just talking, roasting marshmallows and him running off into the yard finding things to burn.  When I say talking it wasn’t that fake talking kids his age tend to try to do.  We did some actual talking and it’s times like these that I am thankful that my son and I are so close.  I was a single mother pretty much from the time he was born up until I remarried 2 years ago.  I’m not going to go into a lot of details about that here; we definitely have a very close bond / relationship that I am thankful for everyday.  He told me about some girls in his class, he asked me about some “changes” he had heard about / experienced …. honest talking that only happens with no distractions.  During these conversations he mentioned that he wanted to try smoothies this week for breakfast.  I couldn’t help it but I got so excited when I heard that!  I must have looked like “that mom” when I looked at him because he kind of rolled his eyes but he did agree to make it into a challenge!!

So, ladies and gentlemen!  Fit In Fitness is going to hold its first 5 day Tween Approved Smoothie Challenge this week!  Be ready for some recipes, pictures, honest reviews and maybe a video or two of the kiddo (maybe I should start calling him the tweeno instead??) and I during this challenge!



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