Smoothie Day 1

Monday mornings are notoriously hard for me to get up on time. I always end up sleeping in and even more so since I have been taking night time medicine to help keep the nasty cold germs from the hubby away!  

This morning was no different but I did drag myself out of bed to do PiYo. I’m proud of that!  20 minutes of PiYo Lower and I felt amazing!  This one quick workout stretches me in all the right places so much that I felt like I had done an hour worth of yoga!    

The tween and I had our Day 1 smoothies yesterday morning and I can say that it was a HIT with both of us!  I didn’t tell him that I put spinach in them until he was claiming how good it was and half way done. He was surprised!    

Here’s the mixture with spinach, 4 clementines (I didn’t have an orange) and the 1/2 cup water. I mixed that up until there were no chunks visible. 

Then I added the frozen berries and banana and it turned a nice purple color!  

I was actually surprised how much we both liked it!  I was going to wait to do a review video when I was all put together for work but let’s face it, if I waited the video wouldn’t have happened!  This is real life here on this blog not about smoke and staged mirrors. I don’t have the patience or the desire to do that. I want to be real. Here’s the review from me and my kiddo (who was playing cool dude)  

Now we are trying one today with Greek yogurt and 1/2 an avocado!  Hopefully the reviews from both of us will be just as good!  

Here’s the recipe we followed:


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