Plank Wednesday 

Today in my accountability group we have to take pictures of ourselves planking. I decided to get one of my co-workers in on the fun because this month end close has not been fun and we all need a little fun during the day, right?!?!  What better fun than getting a little exercise in!  …

Day 1 workout- Ashley Conrad’s 21 day workout

**oops! I thought I scheduled this post for Sunday!** Today was the first day of my re-do and it went well! It was a busy day all around but I took the time for me and busted out this workout, minus the cardio portion, a little slower than I would have liked thanks to a…

Toned Up Tuesday WOD

I have been so focused on swimming, biking and running that I have neglected my strength training! Here is my workout for the night: I hope to actually post pictures of the exercises soon! I am looking for the best way to do photos or video with minimal investment. Hope you enjoy your workout!

Fit In WOD: Tuesday

The name of this workout says it all! No more words needed except for you to tell me how much you hate me after doing this workout 😜

Fit In WOD: Monday

I’m back at it like a crack addict! This workout is meant to be done outdoors so you can get your neighbors wondering what the heck is wrong with you! I will have to go inside for the assisted pull-ups but totally worth it. Do as many rounds as you have time for…I hope to…

Fit In WOD: Friday

Happy Friday!!! Even though it’s Friday the 13th, dreary and rainy out this morning I woke up feeling awesome! This is totally me today! Today is an upper body day since we focused on the lower half yesterday. Here is the Friday WOD: The wall mountain climbers are such a good workout! You can’t go…

Fit In WOD: Wednesday

Hi there! I had to switch my WOD’s for today since I have biking planned for tonight as part of my TRI training and the workout I had planned for this morning really kills your legs! I pulled up Monday’s WOD since it really got me going and I got my sweat on like a…

Fit In WOD: Tuesday

I am going to be short on time tonight but this quick workout will be sure to keep my heart rate up and kick my butt! Make sure you find time today to sweat and work it!

Fit In WOD: Monday

Insomnia got the best of me this morning. I put my gym bag together and left it right by the door! DOH! I will have time to go swimming tonight once my son goes to sleep but I still need to get my strength training in. Here is the WOD in am going to do…

Fit in WOD Sunday

Hi! I have a quick Sunday WOD that will work your abs, booty and legs for a quick burn! Go through 3 times for time, or more if you have time! I did three rounds and my times are posted below the workout. Have fun fitting fitness in!