Fit In WOD: Wednesday

Hi there! I had to switch my WOD’s for today since I have biking planned for tonight as part of my TRI training and the workout I had planned for this morning really kills your legs! I pulled up Monday’s WOD since it really got me going and I got my sweat on like a…

Work on Wednesday

Wednesdays are the days to share progress photos of what body part you are focusing on for the month. The month of June I am focusing on my abs! Don’t be shy…share so we can encourage your progress!

Fit In WOD: Tuesday

I am going to be short on time tonight but this quick workout will be sure to keep my heart rate up and kick my butt! Make sure you find time today to sweat and work it!

Fit In WOD: Monday

Insomnia got the best of me this morning. I put my gym bag together and left it right by the door! DOH! I will have time to go swimming tonight once my son goes to sleep but I still need to get my strength training in. Here is the WOD in am going to do…